Barry Edward Brewster

Written Pieces

In the early days Barry was in the habit of making notes about the day’s climbing in an exercise book and I was not aware these had been written up in an extended, legible form.

In the main they appear in a small hardback notebook which was returned to me by a friend of Barry’s at Bangor while some others have been typed on separate sheets, and these generally are Barry’s attempts to express his feelings about mountains and climbing. Two of the pieces are Barry’s contributions to the yearly journal of the Bangor University mountaineering club and there are a few that are really no more than scraps of comment.

The writings are presented, as far as possible, in chronological order as they relate to the climbs as recorded in the climbing log: the writings themselves cannot be dated.

In the notebook the writing is in Barry’s own hand but one (A Scottish excursion) is in the handwriting of someone else, and this seems to have been copied from Barry’s faded writing, in pencil, on a few sheets that were folded inside the notebook: some sheets where missing.

In some few instances my recollection is not the same as Barry’s and I have added how I remember things.


  1. A Night Out (3 scans)
  2. North Gully Tryfan (1 scan)
  3. Gambolling about on sunlit uplands (6 scans)
  4. Defeat at the Oval – again (3 scans)
  5. Poem – The Crag (1 scan)
  6. A Scottish Excursion (17 scans)
  7. Col des Glaciers (6 scans)
  8. Yellow-Booted Masher (1 scan)
  9. Dinas Mot Triptych (3 scans)
  10. Isolated Village (1 scan)
  11. Poem – Feet Straddle (2 scans)
  12. Hard Rock (4 scans)
  13. A little climbing (5 scans)
  14. The Great Cliff (2 scans)
  15. An Arctic Summer Night (2 scans)
  16. Mont Blanc Routes (3 scans)
  17. Footwear (1 scan)